heat press vs screen print what is the difference

The Difference Between Heat Press and Screenprint

Thanks to the recent technology and innovations that you get the best gadgets in your own hand. You can print wisely on the garments which include jeans, t-shirts, shirts, caps and various other clothes. As per choice, you print the design and choose the best machine. Both the machines work differently and have different uses but the work is the same. In order to get work in quantity, you use screen printing. Regardless of it, you can save money in the heat press. So, you need to understand the facts of machine and get the best one.

Heat press

It is one of the latest innovations to print the design on T-shirt. It involves pressing. You have to set the proper system to work on it. Even, you have to heat the machine and the design on the t-shirt. It is one of the best and budgeted machines that print the design. There is need to heat the machine between the temperatures of 400 degrees. You have to design the artwork on the pare pieces. It is required to print on cloth with all these machines. As well, you would love to print on the garments with this machine. It is quite budgeted and creates custom designs. You can create the best designs of clothes easily.

Screen printing

Screen printing

The screen printing process involves the application of ink blocking. It is one of the best process which works on the nylon and overall staff. This kind of stencil requires the ink and it requires is in the liquid form. Now, you get a pencil and transfer x to the fabrics. Now, you can try on your own T-shirt. The screen printing doesn’t work in all the designs. It is unlike heat press and screen printing requires more chemicals and equipment to work. It is one of the best processes for apparel companies. In order to work on screen printing, you need to get all this equipment.

 Tapes
 Scrubbers
 Films
 Printers
 Screenshot
 Squeezes
 Plastisol ink

Pros of screen printing

Screen printing is cost-effective for large projects. If you want to print 2000 units then it is the best solution. It doesn’t require any size limitations for the methods of printing.

Screen printing is one of the best methods for bright fabric printing. It comes with soft procedures and you don’t need to do more effort. It produced number of garments at same time. As well, the method is durable. You can also wash the garments in the washing machine.

Benefits of heat press

 When do you want to know heat press vs screen print: what is the difference? As well, you can consider the benefits of heat press. This method is unlike the screen printing method. It is an environmentally friendly and clean method. Screen printing is one of the best methods which include a lot of chemical combinations. It may be dangerous for health.

 It is granted to get the high quality government results with a heat press. It is one of the best methods which uses for the garments. As well, it comes weather advancement changes and works on the graphical storage. It also makes the works easier and gives flexibility.

 As it is already mentioned, it is a like a screen printing method. In the method, the color is utilized. You can use the best colors in all these methods.

 With no doubts, the heat press is an affordable method and it is easy to setup. Even, it is a printing method that comes whether a number of features. Rather than heat press screen printing is more expensive. You need the best equipment and Chemicals.

What is heat press vs screen print: what is the difference? As well, you know the right difference between both machines. You can see the actual procedure of these machines. You need to know which works efficiently. As well, you consider the right facts of these machines. You would love to find the benefits and disadvantages of these machines. It helps to see the difference between these machines. As well, you will be able to choose the best machine for garment printing.

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